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SARA Women Biker Navy Leather Jacket (D19-W06-994-300-XS)

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・%100 Turkish lambskin  ・Handcrafted   ・Free Customization


Artır Azalt

Since 1957...

Black Noble products that are produced with leather obtained from best quality lambs of Turkey which is a region dominated by the natural habitat and has a unique nature of Turkey, make us feel the pure perfection.

The products with premium quality and uniqueness in every detail, takes their perfection after being elaborated and going through long processes in the heaviest flow of time.

Turkey's highest quality materials, reach Black Noble’s natural and high quality standards since 1957 by getting totally different forms with the magic hands of the most experienced names in the industry  

SARA Leather Jacket

Jacket is a Standard Size and %100 Turkish Leather. Made in Turkey.
Product Details
Lenght :


Colour : Navy
Closure : Cross Metal Zip up Closure
Size : S
Product Features
: Zipper Pocket
: Zipper Cuff
Shoulder Detailed
Model Size Chart
Lenght : 1.86 cm
Breast : 99 cm
Waist : 78 cm
Hip : 94 cm
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1957 to present

With the sensitive techniques used in production since 1957, leathers that we have carefully selected in our factories are used. Our primary goal is to meet our customers with our products, which are completely produced with human health in mind, and to make our world more livable with our environmentally friendly production facilities.

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