Shearling Care

Shearling Care

Shearling Care

Shearling is a naturally thermostatic material which means its wicks perspiration away from your skin, is porous and allows breathability against your body heat, is naturally dirt and water resistant, and anti-bacterial.  With proper care and gently touch ups when needed, your shearling garment can be a luxurious investment and provide lifelong use.

We do not recommend having the sheepskin dry cleaned because the treatment can dry out the pelts, cause colour change and the chemicals remove the natural oils in the skins.  If your clothing is very soiled, we do recommend you to g oto a fur and sheepskin specialty cleaner as their processes are gentler and use less abrasive cleaning products.

In most cases small soil marks on shearling can be cleaned a wet cloth, a gently brushing o a clean sponge.
•    Don’t worry if you’re in wet or snowy conditions with your shearling garment although it's best to avoid an all-out downpour. If your coat accidentally becomes thoroughly wet, shake off the excess water or snow and blot dry with a clean towel.
•    Hang your coat to dry at room temperature.
•    Avoid any direct heat sources (such as a radiator, blow-dryer, etc.).
•    Do not strongly rub a wet sheepskin garment, as that will force the moisture deep into the leather, so that it will cause the detriment of the garment.
•    After your sheepskin coat is fully dry, use a suede brush to raise nap of the suede.
•    If your coat has a leather nappa finish, do NOT brush with a suede brush; rather, rub lightly with a soft towel.


In general store your shearling garment away from direct sunlight as that will cause the colors to fade.
Never store in unbreathable bags such as plastic bags.
Store on a properly sized coat hanger with rounded shoulder pads to preserve the shape of your coat.

Wool Care

Shall we take a moment to talk about wool? Wool is a natural and spun fiber  that is made of hair of various animals. It has a natural crimp which prevents cold air and it keeps you warm during cold winters.  As it has a natural fiber, it should be washed in cold water with a gentle washing agent.  So why does the care label inside your wool coats say “DRY CLEAN ONLY”?

There are many elements that give the coat construction, shape, warmth, coziness, form and longevity.  While washing, the elements inside the coat can shrink, loosen, crack, stretch and even dissolve and that causes of destroying the integrity of the coat.
Here are some recommendations about what you should do in this situation:
•    If it starts to spill, you should wash the outside of the coat with cold water and a mild detergent.
•    YOU SHOULDN’T RUB THE WOOL!!!!  Friction + water= Felting.  Instead of that, you should gently tap with a clean, wet towel.
•    When the coat gets dirty, you should take it to a professional dry cleaner that is specialist in jackets.
•    “THE COAT SHOULD BREATHE”: You shouldn’t cover your coat in plastic, because wool is a natural fiber and needs to breathe. Instead use a cloth garment bag for storage.  The coat should hang on a wide brimmed hanger with proper support on the shoulder as not to stretch the fabric. 

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November 13, 2019
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