Quality takes time

Quality takes time Shearling and Leather
Quality takes time… In the fields of leather and fur, as Black Noble we started out with the motto of “Always do your best" and we have put Turkey's highest quality and carefully selected materials together with our team of experienced professionals.

 Our priority is to produce the highest quality products with great care and precision with workmanship.

As Black Noble, we aim to make you feel the perfect comfort with our products. In the understanding of “first class” we are producing in the ‘premium’ segment, taking place at the summit of the section in which fashion, quality and human health meet on a common ground.

Access to this point emerges with great efforts and teamwork. The first step that creates the spirit of Black Noble is the carefully selected first class Turkish lamb skins on behalf of our company.

In our company, we use the most compatible leathers for quality and human health. The highest quality leathers are combined with the most experienced team in the sector; that's when we turn the textile business into art at Black Noble.

The leathers go through various stages from the moment they come to our production facilities. Firstly, the leathers go through the soaking and softening process, after that they are optimized for human health and nature by descaling.

We put our leather and fur through the process that requires hand labour and elaborare as a result of the efforts made such as tanning, retanning, clenching and drying.

After long and elaborate processes, first class lamb skins are one step closer to Black Noble perfection.

The next step of the leathers prepared for our brand which has quality and fashion in its spirit is designing. Our tastemaker designing team of specialists is always working to create the best for fur and leather products.

Then, our master tailors put the finishing touches that have Black Noble perfection by working on our products like an art work under the name of “gentle hand workmanship”.

Now we come to the end of this adventure with the motto of ‘quality’. The products we make as a result of long labor, will be long lasting for years as if they were newly bought. At the end we say what we said at the beginning; Quality takes time…

Our jackets, coats and furs that have Black Noble quality are waiting for you in our giant showroom in Zeytinburnu after getting a final check.
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December 05, 2019
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