About Fur Suede Jackets

About Fur Suede Jackets

About Fur-Suede Jackets

If you don't know much about fur suede, this article is exactly for you. We have prepared a short article that we hope will help you decide whether fur suede is the right choice for you.

Why Fur Suede Jackets?

They are relatively wearproof and durable comparing to other materials and fabrics. It can also be a great choice for you if you live in cold climates because it keeps you warmer than goose and duck feathers.

Contrary to what is believed, it is not very difficult to maintain. In most cases you can clean it by rubbing gently when it gets dirty and stained, you don't even need dry cleaning. However, we recommend that you do not neglect to search for a dry cleaner that cleans fur suede, as you should use more gentle chemicals when you need to deal with more serious stains.

When the weather gets hot, you may want to keep your jacket in a corner until you need it and the weather gets cold. You don't have to worry about moths or other insects giving you a sad experience. You can be sure that they will not damage your jacket.

Fur suede jackets can be relatively expensive to others, but you will get a product that you will use for a lifetime. When your children grow up, these jackets can even be a good memory for them, with many other memories…

A Few More Notes…

Fur suede is water resist, flameproof, windproof and does not keep static energy.

Lanolin in lamb's wool is a natural moisturiser and helps the skin heal. 

The lanolin in wool guarantees high level of self-cleaning ability which makes your coat antibacterial.

Lighter fur suede can mean more flexible. Among other factors, you can also consider it to be light.

If you have space in your wardrobe, you can visit our site or contact us to choose a jacket that suits your style. As Black Noble, we can help you choose the best jacket to wear.

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October 28, 2019
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