About us


Black Noble is a brand that adopts as a principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, happiness and loyalty with a healthy and quality product portfolio by aiming for the unity of leather and fashion with the conception of saying “Leather and Fur always show the quality”. Black Noble is a leading brand with its quality, elegant and fashionable designs of leather. Creating unique designs for customer satisfaction, Black Noble is alive and sensitive to the importance of workmanship in Turkish lambskin and fur as well as the material.

Leather and fur designed by our special designing team, are carefully selected and integrated with master hands. Our jackets that are made of Turkish lambskin and fur, provide privilege for long-term wearing of high quality products with their unique designs, quality, elegancy and hand craftsmanship. Being conducted the hand workmanship pickily at every stage of manufactoring process, Black Noble also takes cognizance of designs of carefully selected leather and fur.

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