We produce handmade from Turkish lamb skins

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Black Noble is a leading brand in leather with its high quality, stylish and fashionable designs. Making original designs with customer satisfaction in mind, Black Noble is aware and sensitive that workmanship is as important as material in the quality of Turkish lambskin and fur.. 



Turkey's best quality materials have attained a completely different form in the magical hands of the most experienced names in the industry, reaching the natural and high quality standards of Black Noble since 1957.


Black Noble products, produced with the skins obtained from the best quality lambs of Balıkesir, a geography where natural life reigns, with the unique nature of Turkey, make you feel the purest form of perfection. 


The products, which are of premium quality and unique in every detail, take their perfect form after being processed in the heaviest flow of time and going through long processes.

Real and Natural

Our primary goal is to bring our customers together with our products, which are completely produced with human health in mind, and to make our world more livable with our environmentally friendly production facilities.


Haute Couture

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